It’s been a while

by James Gurney

We’ll so much for the noble plans to update this regularly. The main reason is a lack of access to editing this site at work. However I’m dedicated not to let this stop me. So let’s have an update.

First, I’m talking at phdpub soon, 14th of May.

Second, the league of nerds podcast is back into full swing.

Third, I’m finishing my PhD soon so I’m busy working on my thesis.

Finally, I’ve been throwing around some ideas about virulence and what it means for opportunistic pathogens.

In short when we think about pathogens we can talk about the fitness of those pathogens. Is it right to think of opportunistic pathogens as fit? A true pathogen is required to transmit in order to have a fitness. Opportunistic pathogens do not tend to transmit as a product of their virulence.

Virulence is typically a by-product of transmission but in a opportunistic pathogen virulence is not a function of transmission.

Food for thought at the moment.