What is a history of infection?

by James Gurney

The project started in 2012 some time in September, I had wanted to get back into making YouTube videos but I didn’t want to make one like I used too. These were rebuttals to creationist and creationism. One, they could be very boring! Two, having to sit through and watch endless terrible videos on why I hate a God I do not believe in or have no morals became very dull. Three, others had said everything I could say and better.

So I decided I would stay clear of those, several month earlier I had written a piece on the history of Stds for the university newspaper and I really enjoyed telling people about these pathogens in, what I hope was an entertaining manner.

Now a year later and although I’m having to take a break to finish my PhD I think I have done some nice work and have improved the style a reasonable amount. At the same time hopefully the idea might find a home in a very similar project I’m involved with, more about that later.

So what is a history of infection? It is a way to communicate and sneak in complex microbiology and evolutionary principles into peoples minds in the guise of history. On a similar note of ulterior¬†motives writing a blog, I hope will in some way improve my quite frankly shocking english. If it wasn’t for spellcheck it wouldn’t be just my grammar that is terrible. It should also be noted that I am not a historian, I am a microbiologist, and if I have learnt anything from making the videos it is that my interpretation of history is very shallow. This is one of the main issue I plan on addressing. The name, I did not want to call it History of infection as that implies a complete history. A history is my history, the stuff and sundry that I find interesting and hope in some way I can communicate to you too.

So what can you expect from this blog?

1. Microbiology smuggled into you brain.

2. Interesting analysis of research looking at how pathogens spread through population.

3. Bad Grammar and occasional bad spelling.

4. Updates of the hopefully long term plans to carry on doing something similar with the project in a professional manner.

So in the next update I hope I will have some news which I’m quite excited about but we will have to see if it works out or not. I’ll tell you either way!

Till then

Best wishes.